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 About Programs and Events

Events and Programs


One of the most important functions of I’On At Home (IAH) is to keep us socially connected. There has been a great deal of research into some of the problems of aging and one of the biggest is loneliness. All of us have different needs. Some of us want to be involved in many activities while others are more solitary. However, we need to stay “connected” to each other and feel that we continue to grow and stay involved.


The purpose of IAH events is to provide activities for members. Members' interests and preferences will guide event selection and planning, and the majority of these occasions will be for members only. A maximim of 10 events per year may be open to all I'On neighbors. Events selected to be "open" will be those without significant restrictions on the number of attendees. Members-only events may also be opened to all neighbors if there are a number of available spaces a week in advance.


Non-member Guests at Members-only Events

IAH members will be given priority for attendance at events. At members-only events, non-member guests may participate under specific circumstances:

  • The event host (the activity is taking place at her/his home) may invite a non-member guest(s).
  • A member may invite a non-resident significant other or a houseguest(s).

In these cases, the member should register the guest(s) for that particular event, along with themselves, and include a note in the Comments window of the Registration page. If the event fills to capacity, and members are on a waiting list, the Programs Committee will have the discretion to not allow non-member guests. In this case, the member host of these guests will be contacted.

Here is a list of examples of the types of programs and activities that will be available to IAH members. Program plans will be made in response to members’ requests, and activities will be listed on the website calendar as well as being advertised using e-mail, social media, and community calendars (I’On Life, Newsletter, etc).


Cultural Arts - Small Groups to attend (discounted tickets to be negotiated)

Members will receive a list of cultural events via the website and social media.  Transportation will be organized according to the number of attendees and venue. Examples may include:

  • Charleston Symphony

  • Gibbes Museum

  • Events at the Gaillard or the North Charleston Performing Arts Center

  • Woolfe Playhouse

  • Charleston Music Hall

  • Chamber Music Concerts

  • Spoleto/Piccolo Spoleto Events

  • Musical Performances at area churches

Educational Opportunities

Members will enjoy frequent discussions, lectures and workshops that are educational in nature.  Invitations and sign-ups will be organized on a regular basis and sent via e-mail, social media and posted on the IAH website calendar. Examples may include:

  • Talks/lecture series on topics such as history, the economy, political issues, travel, and the environment

  • Documentary viewings followed by group discussions
  • “Health and Wellness” series by local professionals

  • Topics related to aging by local professionals

  • “Great Decisions” series

Social Events 

Events that are social in nature are a vital part of I’On At Home.  Organized on a regular basis, these types of events are limitless and members will enjoy the company of their neighbors in many different settings. Examples may include:

  • Informal Lunches - small groups

  • Wine tastings or other food and beverage related presentations

  • Casual Dinners – at home or out

  • Movie Outings

  • At least annual gatherings open to all IAH members and volunteers

  • Holiday celebrations

Small Special Interest Groups

If a member has a special interest, I’On At Home can facilitate organizing a group of like-minded individuals.  Members may post their groups’ schedule on the website. Examples may include:

  • Book Clubs

  • Bridge and other games

  • Travel Groups

  • Walking Groups

Local Excursions

Charleston and its environs are rich in history, geography, events and beauty.  Members of I’On At Home may partake in excursions to local events that celebrate this wonderful place we call home.  Organized on a regular basis, members will find a schedule full of possibilities.  If members are interested in attending an event, volunteers will help facilitate transportation, scheduling and negotiating discounts. Examples may include:

  • Historic Plantations

  • Gallery Openings

  • Oyster Roasts

  • Antique Shows

  • Athletic Events (collegiate and professional)

  • Wildlife Expos

  • Home/Garden Tours

  • Holiday Events

  • Film Festivals