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Volunteer Tasks

Member Services

Friendly Visits:

1.     Daily check-ins (phone call, text or e-mail to ensure all is well, especially for those who live alone)

2.     Personal reassurance visits (for a short chat, or to accompany a member on a walk, play cards, or read aloud, etc.) 

3.     Accompany a member to an IAH social, cultural, or educational activity

Household Chores:

1.     Practical in-home help (change light bulbs or smoke alarm batteries, take out trash or recycling, etc.)

2.    Help with tasks that require some handyperson skills (moving furniture, hanging pictures, fixing a broken latch on a gate, taking  boxes to the attic,      etc.)

3.     Light yard work (raking, watering, sweeping a patio, etc.)

4.     Pet care (providing temporary care for a pet in an emergency) 

5.     Prepare or pick up a meal, and take it to a member in special cases due to health or injury issues


 Help with technology needs (basic help with computers or tablets, or cell phones, etc.)


1.     Drive a member to an appointment or event

2.     Pick up items needed by a member (prescriptions, dry cleaning, groceries)

3.     Drive a member to the airport or train station 

4.     Assist with taking a member on routine errands (grocery store, post office, drug store)


IAH Support

Administrative Support:

1.     Be a Call Manager to handle administrative duties for several hours each week

2.     Manage data and communications 

3.     Help with fundraising and development

       Planning and Governance:

1.     Serve on a committee or task force

2.     Serve as a Membership Liaison to welcome and stay in contact with new members 

3.     Become a member of the Board of Directors

Programs and Events:

1.     Lead or assist with a regularly scheduled interest group:  book clubs, exercise classes, lecture series, or special events, etc. 

2.     Plan/coordinate a social event:  visit an art gallery or museum, restaurant outing, etc.


For more information about these tasks, see Volunteer Task Descriptions.

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