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About Membership

I'On At Home is a nonprofit membership organization for ages 55 and over. Members may attend a wide variety of programs and events, and receive volunteer-provided services. I’On residents and Friends of I'On are eligible for IAH membership. Younger residents will be considered as requested. 

 Membership categories and fees

Full Membership: This membership includes access to all programs and services that IAH offers including cultural, educational, and social events as well as all volunteer-provided services.

  • Household ($500/year): Two residents living at the same residential address, in which at least one member is 55 years of age or older, and both residents are members. AN ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT (ADU) IS CONSIDERED A SEPARATE RESIDENCE.
  • Individual ($350/year)An individual resident who is age 55 or older and will receive services (available only where the individual lives in the home without another occupant.

Supporting Membership:  This membership includes all cultural, educational, and social events.  It does not include volunteer services.  The fair market value of a Supporting Membership is $100.  Any amount over $100 may be tax deductible. 

  • Household ($500/year):  Two residents living in a single residence at a specific address in which at least one member is 55 years of age or older (both residents are members). An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is considered a separate residence.

  • Individual ($350/year):  A resident who is 55 years of age or older. While we hope most couples will choose to join as a household, in some cases, only one member of a couple may wish to become a supporting member (option available only at the time of initiating a membership or renewing a current membership). If this type of membership is selected, the non-member person in the couple may attend only those IAH events that are open to all I'On neighbors. 

Annual membership fees help I'On At Home pay for expenses, such as programs and events, the website and other technology, printing, supplies for volunteers and members, telephone, liability insurance for Board members and volunteers, the cost to confirm the credentials of our volunteers, and for part-time salary costs.

Membership applications are available here or by calling 843-284-3590. Completed applications and payment may be mailed to:
I'On At Home
P.O. Box 1225
Mount Pleasant, SC 29465

Once IAH receives an application for a full membership an IAH representative will schedule a welcome visit with the applicant. The purpose of the visit is to establish that you meet the membership criteria, understand what is and what is not offered by IAH membership, and that you don’t have needs that exceed what IAH can reasonably provide.  This is a time when you may offer to volunteer to help others.

Once the visit takes place and your information is completed and documented, your membership fee will be processed.  (Please note that visits will not be scheduled for Supporting Membership applicants because they will not receive IAH volunteer services.)

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