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About Services 

I’On At Home offers a unique approach to our members. When you call us or request a service on our website, your request will be evaluated to see whether a volunteer can help you or whether you need a preferred provider such as a plumber, landscaper, or services for home care. Volunteers, many of whom are your fellow IAH members, will provide basic services such as transportation to a medical appointment or to one of our educational programs, simple home maintenance tasks like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, or calling each day to check in with you. To maximize the opportunity for our volunteers to respond to a need for assistance, service requests should be made as far ahead of the need for help as possible, at least three days in advance.


IAH Members will be entitled to as many as six services per month. A Household Membership will be entitled to as many as 10 services per month.  On the average, a service should be completed in no more than two hours.



Transportation to and from necessary venues will be available to members by responsible volunteers.  Requests for transportation should be made at least three days in advance of the time needed.  Emergency requests will be handled on a case by case basis.  A nominal charge may be assessed in certain circumstances.  


    • Errands (grocery store, drug store, post office, dry cleaners, beauty salon, etc.)

    • Medical and dental appointments

    • Pick-up items (prescriptions, dry cleaning, etc.)

    • Events – evening events from 8-11pm

    • Trips to the airport or the train station 

Household Help

Assistance with practical chores around the home may be requested.  These requests should be received tat least hree days prior to need and will be performed by a responsible volunteer.


    • Practical in-home help (changing light bulbs or smoke alarm batteries, taking out trash or recycling, etc.)

    • Helping with tasks that require some skills (moving furniture, hanging a picture, fixing a latch on a gate, etc.)

    • Light yard work (raking, watering, or sweeping the patio)

    • Helping with pets (providing emergency pet care until other arrangements can be made)

    • Meal prep – helping with preparing a meal, or bring one in


Assistance with new technology may be requested.  Volunteers will be screened to ensure they have the appropriate skills.


    • Help with computers, cell phones, TV’s, etc. 

Friendly Visits

Volunteers will be available to contact members on request.  Members may set up a schedule for calls.  Volunteers will also be available for personal visits set up on a scheduled basis.  Each schedule may be reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis.


    • Daily check-ins (phone call, text or e-mail to ensure all is well)

    • Personal visits for companionship (reading, card games, walk, etc.)