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As an I'On At Home (IAH) member, you have a Member Liaison who serves as a link to IAH programs and services. This trained volunteer can assist with any questions you may have about how things work in our organization. You should have received an e-mail or phone call from your Liaison as an introduction. Feel free to contact her/him for more information or for assistance. If you need to check for the name of your Liaison, the list is below in alphabetical order by member's last name (member's names with "X" beside them are volunteers who don't need a Liaison). You will find the contact information for your Liaison in the I'On directory or on the community website

For additional questions, please contact the IAH e-mail ( or phone (843-284-3590).

Member Liaisons List

Member's First Name Member's First Name Liaison
Anderson Betty Amy Sage
Anderson Brady  Amy Sage
Anglin Jean Jill Ewell
Ball Edward Don Wilbur
Barone  Topsy (Mary) Mary Wilbur
Bate Ken Lori Feehan
Bate Lori Lori Feehan
Bedell Deborah X
Bedell Gene X
Bender Gerda X
Blair Anne Barbara Fowler
Blair  James Barbara Fowler
Blum Barbara Anne Register
Blum Larry Anne Register
Bondy Margaret (Margie) Mary Ellen Raphael
Bondy Richard (Dick) Mary Ellen Raphael
Brooks Myra Mary Wilbur
Brovont Rebecca Jan Laabs
Burch Elisabeth Barbara Fowler
Castell June Barbara Cole
Chambers Kathy Lori Feehan
Chambers Louis Lori Feehan
Chitty  Charlie X
Chitty Kay X
Coffman Kathy  X
Coffman Steve X
Cole Barbara X
Coyle Dennis P. Kathy Coffman
Coyle  Emily "Bebe" Kathy Coffman
Cuthbert Grande Libby Eble
Cuthbert Priscilla Libby Eble
Davis Bud Anne Register
Davis  Cathy Sarah Settlemyer
Davis Donna  Anne Register
Degnen Carol X
Degnen Steve X
Eble Elizabeth (Libby) X
Eble Timothy X
Elliott Sheron (Sheri) Kathy Coffman
Engelhardt  Lydia Mary Wilbur
Evans Eileen Jill Ewell
Ezzell Russ Mary Wilbur
Ezzell Sarah Mary Wilbur
Fanelli Joe Kathy Coffman
Feehan  Jim X
Feehan Lorene X
Feldman  Donna Kathy Coffman
Fisher  George Bill Settlemyer
Fisher Karen Bill Settlemyer
Flynn George Bill Settlemyer
Fowler Barbara X
Fowler Timothy S X
Fry Barbara Rob Wieboldt
Fry Bob Rob Wieboldt
Gaddy Joe Gerda Bender
Gaddy Peg Gerda Bender
Gilson Karen Anne Register
Gilson Paul Anne Register
Green Roy Rob Wieboldt
Green Theresa Rob Wieboldt
Haas Allen Kathryn Murray
Haas Kathryn Kathryn Murray
Hanson Len Don Wilbur
Hanson Linda Don Wilbur
Hardie Bob Sarah Settlemyer
Hardie Gail Sarah Settlemyer
Harper Janet Linda Moser
Higgins  Don Amy Sage
Higgins Peg Amy Sage
Howell Louise Mary Ellen Raphael
Janas Anne Mary Ellen Raphael
Janas John Mary Ellen Raphael
Johnson Janice Jill Ewell
Kaplan Mary X
Kinney Bruce Barbara Cole
Kinney Maggie Barbara Cole
Kraft Colleen Kathryn Murray
La Pointe Francine Barbara Cole
Laabs Jan Barbara Fowler
Leeven  Rolf Don Wilbur
Leeven  Sylvia Don Wilbur
Martin  Beatty Rob Wieboldt
Martin James (Jim) Rob Wieboldt
Martin Thomas R (Tom) Kathy Coffman
Martin Wanda Kathy Coffman
McNaughton LaVon Anne Register
McNaughton  Rick Anne Register
Meyer Carol Mary Wilbur
Minella Amy Mary Ellen Raphael
Mooney Cathy Kathy Coffman
Morgan Carol Anne Register
Morgan Mike Anne Register
Moser Linda X
Mountain  Charlie Gerda Bender
Mountain Fern Gerda Bender
Murray Kathryn X
Nelson Debra Gerda Bender
O'Brien Ginny Bill Settlemyer
O'Brien Tom Bill Settlemyer
Pitts Bob X
Pitts Cheryl X
Rambo  Bill Mary Wilbur
Rathbun Karen Barbara Fowler
Rathbun Roy Barbara Fowler
Raver Bill Bill Settlemyer
Raver  Sally Bill Settlemyer
Register Anne X
Remington Cathy Linda Moser
Rhodes  Craig Anne Register
Rhodes  Ellen Anne Register
Rinaldi Linda Anne Register
Ripinsky Harriet Jill Ewell
Robinson Claudia Jill Ewell
Rogers  David Don Wilbur
Rosebrock  Delores Linda Moser
Rosebrock  Lou Linda Moser
Sage Amy X
Sage Bill X
Salmons  Katherine Anne Register
Scribner Bob Libby Eble
Scribner Lucy Libby Eble
Settlemyer Bill X
Settlemyer Sarah  X
Sheahan McLaughlin Jane  Mary Wilbur
Stein  Janice Barbara Cole
Tsavalas Myrto X
Tsavalas Yannis X
Uttaro Brenda  Becky Van Wie
Uttaro Jerry Becky Van Wie
Van Wie Becky X
Vanek Ken Lori Feehan
Vanek Shelia Lori Feehan
Wade  Barbara Sarah Settlemyer
Waters Carol Mary Wilbur
Watt George Don Wilbur
Watt Margaret Don Wilbur
Webb Cynthia Lori Feehan
Welham Jennifer Barbara Cole
White  Fred X
White Gayle  Amy Sage
White Herbert Amy Sage
Wilbur Don X
Wilbur Mary X
Wilkes  Pam Linda Moser
Wilkes Robert (Bob) Linda Moser
Williams Dwight Barbara Cole
Williams Lindsey Barbara Cole
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